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Dan Hassler-Forest

David ten Cate

Liesbeth Groot-Nibbelink


Best Picture: This award will go to the best film of the evening. This means that overall, this film had the best cinematography, editing, and story.

Best Original Screenplay: This award will go to the film with the best original screenplay of the evening. This means films that reuse, repurpose or heavily emulate an already existing story won’t be applicable to win this award.

Best Leading Role: This award will go to the actor/actress who portrayed the best leading role of the evening. Before the award show begins, participants have chosen one person who is applicable to win this award. All other actors and/or actresses that played in the films (e.g. those who are not running for Best Leading Role) will be considered for the next award, Best Supporting Role.

Best Supporting Role: This award will go to the actor/actress who portrayed the best supporting role of the evening. All actors and/or actresses who aren’t running for Best Leading Role are applicable to win this award.

Best Sound and Music: This award will go to the film with the best sound and music. Due to the limited amount of films we’re able to show tonight, we’ve chosen to combine the Academy Awards for Best (Original) Score, (Original) Song, Sound Mixing, and Sound Editing into this award. In other words: this award will go to the film with the overall best score, song, sound mixing, and sound editing.

Best Location(s) and Decor Used: This award will go to the film with the best location(s) and decor used. For this award, the jury looks for the film which used the best filming location(s) and decor, but they will also take in account which film had location(s) and decor that suited the film best.

Best Character: This award will go to the best character of the evening. This award is different from Best Leading/Supporting Role in the sense that how well the character is portrayed, won’t be the main focus of this award. The main focus of this award will be on the character itself, the choices that it makes, how it fits into the story, and what emotions it can stir up within the audience.

Funniest Movie: This award goes to the movie that made you laugh the most.

Jury’s Choice Award: This award will go to a film that, according to our jury, deserves an honorable mention. Maybe because this film just missed out on some other awards, or because it has a special place in the jury’s hearts. During the award ceremony, the jury will reveal which film will receive this award, and more importantly: why it will receive this award.



The Roommates

The movie The Roommates is about Vic, who is constantly looking for a new roommate. Why this is, we learn in the movie. We made this film for film 49 and we won an award for best image! 


Alex ter Hofstede (AKT)

Jente Nijssen (AKT)

Rob de Reuver (AKT)

Sara Struiksma (AKT)

Eline ter Horst (AKT)

Isabel Pijnappel (AKT)


Leading role: Alex ter Hofstede 

Fun fact: we had a nerdy notes, which we called the Bible and the second testament, where we drew out syuzhet and fabula (iykyk), because we were confused ourselves. 



It is a story told from the perspective of a sister. Her two brothers depicted in the story are playing a game of chess, just like they used to play games in the past. One brother always won with everything in life, not just the simple games, and the sister begs him to let his brother win once. 


Lisa Franssen (AKT)

Sander Romijn (AKT)

Alex Rousanov

Jerome Sarneel

Elodie Guillanneuf

Rutger Loof

Jens Ingelse


Leading roles: Sander Romijn and Jerome Sarneel


Hogere macht

The film is about the TWC, a student apartment complex. The complex is being renovated by the SSH, causing all the students to be evicted. The film follows a student and her friends as they experience this true event.


Raoul Orobio De Castro (AKT)

Alex Soetekouw (AKT)

Sien Fiselier

Flip Meinema

Sam Rennings


Leading role: Sien Fiselier

Fun fact: Perhaps this film will soon be featured on RTV Utrecht. 



Trigger warning: grief

Grieving Alex is forced to clear out her late friend Mattie’s house….


Roos Thomassen (AKT)

Christie Maat (AKT)

Romek Fermont (AKT)

Paco Soentken (AKT)

Michelle Kooistra

Bodhi Brandsma 


Leading role: Roos Thomassen

Fun fact: on the first day of filming, our microphone didn’t work, so all the audio had to be recorded by the camera.



Eva (AKT)

Zarah Keyser 


These two friends made this small film, just for fun. 


De Gelukszoeker

A homeless man collects cans in the park on a rainy day till he runs into a strange …


Christie Maat (AKT)

Romek Fermont (AKT)

Paco Soentken (AKT)

Michelle Kooistra 

Bodhi Brandsma 


Leading roles: Vincent Maat and Vera Ellerie 


The tragedy of the falling button

Deze film volgt het leven van Edgar. Hij werkt, heeft een vriendin en draagt een voorwerp bij met een bijzonder verhaal. 


Alex Soetekouw (AKT)

Nikki Nederkoorn (AKT)

Hanna Chomiuk (AKT)

Max Hoefer

Tania Romanenko


Leading role: Alex Soetekouw

Fun fact: There used to be a scene in which Edgar tried to order a coffee, but halfway through filming we were kicked out of the university so the scene was taken out. 


Aftermovie small trip

This is the aftermovie of the AKT Small Trip to Bruges in 2023, made by Rikke Renes (AKT). 


Reveal board 45

By Cindy van Bree and the rest of board 44

And also board 45??