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Education Committee

Dear MEC’ers!

Do you have a question, comment, complaint or compliment about the education you follow? Let the curriculum committee know. We are the student representation of Media and culture and are here to represent your interests. Most of the times this is about educational matters. Why? Because, as a student, you are dealing with this every single day!

This year the curriculum committee consists of Lynn Culleton (second year), Danny Steur (second year) and Julia Mulder (fourth year). Together with three lectures, we will have meetings about the quality of our bachelor by discussing the EER, the course evaluations and the structure of the degree. Your opinions are vital here! If you have a complaint or question about a specific course or about the overall bachelor, let us know.

You can reach us by e-mail: ocmec.gw@uu.nl and on our Facebook page ‘Opleidingscommissie Media en cultuur’. Or come join us at the CC koffie-uurtjes at the AKT office.

With love,

Lynn, Danny, and Julia