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Christmas Band!

Christmas Band

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle ALL THE WAY

Yeah, it’s November, which means it’s practically Christmas. Have you lubricated your golden throat and are you singing like a real Christmas angel? Or can you make music that Rudolph can gallop on? Then sign up for the AKT Christmas band. Traditionally we want the AKT Christmas band to play beautiful live music at the Christmas party. Do you see yourself as the new Michael Bublé or do you get all the performances as Mariah Carey does, then quickly sign up for the AKT Christmas band.

Rehearsals are on
3 December at 15:00 hrs.
December 18 at 15:00 hrs.

If you can’t do both rehearsals, of course that’s no problem. Santa Claus does believe in
your musical talent.

Sign up here:

Christmas Band
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