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PLAKT Update!

New decade, new year, new PLAKT!

With this upcoming year we have a number of new things prepared for you all.

Our committee got enriched by two wonderful and talented members – Ella and Senna.

Welcome on board girls!


As befits the beginning of the year, we have made a number of New Year’s resolutions for our committee as well:


  1. Web content is back!

What can you expect from our online articles?

Little sneak peaks of the upcoming editions, Q&A and our cultural recommendations for

events, films, or other fun artistic stuff.


2.  We have a new column – Q&A.

Each online post will contain questions we want to know your answer to. So, go ahead, write down your best answer and see your priceless advice printed out in the upcoming edition!


3. Creative space.

Each of us is unique and all of us media and culture students have different hobbies and interests. We want to give you the opportunity to share your talent with the rest by having a unique part of the magazine dedicated only to your works.

Are you writing poems, painting, taking photos, or maybe do collages?

Send your works to


And if you’re shy – we can post it anonymously and let everyone wonder who has such big talent!


Finally, we cannot wait to introduce the theme for the first PLAKT edition in 2020……..

Don’t forget to send your answers to questions and your pieces of art to


Stay tuned and see you on the release on February 26th!



  1. What is a New Year’s resolution you always make but never manage to keep up with?
  2. How to get through the entire year with the positive attitude?
  3. If not now then when?
  4. Did you even make a New Year’s resolution that actually came true? How?! Give us some hope!