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The Buddy System

The Buddy System!

Hello there everybody! This message will explain a little bit about what the buddy system is exactly and what you can expect if you sign up for it, both as a Dutch student and as a non-Dutch speaking student! So what will happen is a Dutch student will be paired with a non-Dutch speaking student to help them out.

This system is here for you, we want to know how we can help you. The most general feedback we have received is that some people want some help studying and there are people interested in doing just that! But we are also open to the possibility of it being more than just for studying, so lets say you want someone to come with you to the Borrels (the drinking nights at the Nieuwe Dikke Dries) just so you know you have someone there to talk to you, who is there for you so you don’t feel left out, we can do that! So if you sign up, as a non-Dutch speaker, make sure you let us know what you need, if you only want help with studying or more as well, and if you are a Dutch speaking student make sure to let us know if you just want to help with studying or are also willing to do social things.

Don’t forget that the social part of student life is not only vital but also healthy, and fun! We would love to hear from you!


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