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Study Trip 2020 (Early Bird Registration)

Study Trip 2020 (Early Bird Registration)


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Dear AKT-members,

As some of you already heard, we have a surprise for you: the Early Bird registration!! This means that only 6 people can register before others. Do you want to go on the trip for sure, mark Thursday the 16th of January in your agenda for the Early Bird registration. You have time to register till Tuesday the 4th of February. But there is a twist, if you sign up, you don’t know where you going. The only thing you will know is that the trip will cost around 350-390 euros.
But you have to pay attention, once you sign up for the Early Bird. YOU HAVE TO GO!


IMPORTANT: On the 19th of January at 8PM , you will have to adhere to the payment obligation for this AKTivity. After this time you have to pay the full price for the trip.If you are not on time, you will be placed on the Early Bird Waiting List, meaning that if someone cancels you will move up a spot.When the Early Birds are selected and you are on the waiting list you still have to sign up for the Study Trip (your place on the Early Bird Waiting List won’t be taken into consideration).

Registrations from 20:00:00 and onwards will be taken into consideration!

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