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Curriculum Committee (OC)

Yes, there we go again! The new academic year has really started now and of course we are all studying hard again, or for the first time. Of course, theories about the public sphere are already flying around you. And if you think about a course ‘hey, I don’t entirely agree with how my paper was graded’ or ‘this question from the exam really didn’t fit with the subject matter’ or if you do have something positive to say about a course or a teacher, let us know! The OC (curriculum committee) can ensure that something is actually done with your complaints. We can be reached via our e-mail address ocmec.gw@uu.nl or send us a message via our Facebook account Opleidingscommissie Media en cultuur. We look forward to receiving your messages or approach us during the monthly drinks!😊


Sam, Tijn and Laura