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We are interAKT, consisting of Meta, the Chairwoman, Frank, the Treasurer, Eva, the Secretary, Dom, the Communication Official, and Rikke, the PR Official. With lots of excitement we are organizing an unforgettable trip and hitchhike competition in 2020 specially for you. To give you an idea about what you can expect, we let you enjoy an example of our personal craziest/funniest travel experience.


Meta: Two summers ago I worked at Landal on Texel, and we often went out with a group of the staff. It was always a lot of fun, but one night, I think, has become the best night of my life. Becauseeee… At one point, someone walked into the club, and I thought immediately “wtf I know him, what is he doing here on a thursday night in De Koog?!?!” Girls I was with told me to go to him, and I knew that if I didn’t do it I would regret it. So with nerves all over my body, I approached him. It was Nielson and maybe you don’t know, but I am a huge Nielson fan (yes really). It was so much fun and me and the other girls danced the whole night with him and his group, just like we were friends. Other moments we also talked a lot, they all were so nice and chill, it was so wonderful. The night was just a-ma-zing!


Frank: During my exam trip we were with the five of us on an adventure in Barcelona. We used the metro a lot, and of course you need a ticket for that. We bought a ten-ride pass because we thought that would be a lot cheaper than separate tickets. So we checked in with that ticket and went to our destination. But at our destination there was police, checking the tickets and of course is a ten-ride pass for only one person. So we got a ticket of 300 euros. One of us spoke with the police in English but the English of the Spaniard wasn’t that good but we talked. They said that we had a big problem if we weren’t going to pay that ticket. But that friend of mine talked us out of the situation like we were stupid tourists, so we didn’t have to pay the ticket. When we walked outside the station we said to each other: we have saved 300 euros so let’s party and than we did that of course!


Eva: My most memorable travel story was a few years ago in Slovenia, when me and my family went canoeing on a wild river. I was in a canoe with my sister, but looking back that wasn’t really the right decision… There were a lot of other canoes in our group which were already past us, so me and my sister had to paddle a little bit faster. While we paddled as fast as we could, we got stuck in a rock under the water and we couldn’t get ahead anymore. The group was far away so they weren’t able to help us. My sister jumped out of the canoe and pulled it away from the rock, but while she was doing that the canoe flipped and I fell right into the ice-cold water. After that, the group was waiting for us at the bottom of the river and it was a very embarrassing walk of shame (or ‘sail’ of shame)…


Dom: My craziest holiday experience probably happened when I was around 10 or 11 years old. My family, our friends and I were sailing around the island of Corsica. On the 3rd day of our trip, we got caught up in a huge storm. The mechanism that was holding the sails wrapped tightly broke and the wind was blowing us towards the cliffs on the shores of the island. The wind was so strong that it actually ripped up our sails and the captain of our boat had to go take them down manually. So there was the 10 year old me, scared as hell, sitting on the deck, hearing the dishes flying around and breaking inside the boat, watching my dad, who had no experience at all trying to control the boat and steer us away from the cliffs. Luckily, we made our way to a place sheltered by the wind and our horrors were over. I have probably never felt a bigger sense of relief to this day like I did when we finally knew we were in a calm place.


Rikke: It was the night before my birthday and my niece and I were in Barcelona. We sat at the beach with music and drinks waiting till it was 00.00 to celebrate my birthday. There were a lot of sellers on the beach who sold wine and beer. At one time a guy walked to us with a box in his hands. And the first thing my niece and I said to each other was “ohhh nooo, not another seller…” But the reality was that he was also Dutch and that he was traveling through Spain. After a while we asked what he had in his box, he answered that he made spacecake and normal brownies to sell and use that money to travel. After a lot of talking we got a tour through Barcelona from him at night till 5 am. It was a very nice beginning of my birthday! But… when we were standing in front of the door of our apartment we found out that none of us had the key. So we had to call the owners, it was very embarrassing!!!


After reading this you can know for sure it will be extremely fun to travel with this excited group of adventurers. Are you ready to fly around the world like birds and hitchhike ’till you can’t no more? Keep an eye on us and do not miss a thing!

Hasta la Vista! Arrivederci! Auf Wiedersehen! …