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Travel committee

Greetings dear AKT-members!!

Allow us to introduce ourselves: we are InterAKT! Your designated traveling committee of AKT! Consisting of (from left to right) Lisa, Jasmijn, Marit, Berbe and Herman, we are the creative minds behind your next unforgettable journey. We will organize both a big ánd a small trip, and between you and us… the big trip will happen in the third week of April and we’ve already started planning! For more information and a sneak peek here and there, follow us on our very own Instagram account @interakt_akt

Hola, I’m Berbe! I am a first-year media and culture student and now communications officer for interAKT 2023-2024! My passion for travel is as big as my love for media, so you can always enthuse me for a fun vacation. It’s hard to choose one favorite vacation memory, but if I have to name it, the scooter trip on the Vietnamese island of Phu Quoc definitely comes close. Along the way, we explored natural parks and tropical jungles. When a heavy storm hit unexpectedly, I ended up taking refuge in a cocktail bar, which of course I didn’t mind at all : ). Will you join me for a cocktail next trip?

Hello all! I’m Herman, and I’m the treasurer for InterAKT. In addition to this I am also the chair for AlmanAKT. I am currently a second year Media and Culture student. My hobbies include movies, music and of course traveling. I love going abroad and visiting different countries. Last summer I went on a journey to Albania and back, travelling by car, bus, train and boat. One of the most memorable moments during that trip was a train trip right through the Swiss Alps, sitting outside in a wooden train cart, enjoying the spectacular views. I hope we will top that memory this year!

Hallo! I’m Jasmijn, 21 years old and currently a third year media and culture student, now doing a minor in Journalism. I have not previously been very active at AKT, and that is why I thought it would be fun to join a committee. And what’s more fun than Interakt? In the summer you’ll find me working at various campsites in Europe, entertaining kids and families. So you will definitely be entertained on the trip! Looking forward to it, see you there?

Salut! I’m Marit and I am the chair of InterAKT. I’ve found my way into a committee within AKT before and look I’ve done it again! And I’m glad I did because after the first meetings with this group, I already know the trips we are going to organize are going to be great! Most of my own vacations involve camping, a tent, and a loooot of rain and beautiful sunshine. But I’ve also been on the last few AKT-trips, together with a few of my current InterAKT members so we know how to create a good time together. So be smart and join us on our adventures, recommended by 9 out of 10 AKT-ers <3

Buongiorno. I am Lisa, secretary of InterAKT. Last year I was part of AKT on Screen, and this year I decided to join an entirely different committee. I think this committee suits me very well because I have always loved traveling and discovering new places in the world. My favorite places to visit are Ireland and the UK. When I was 18 years old, I lived in Ireland for about ten months. And last summer I visited Wales for the first time. We went hiking in the Welsh mountains, which was very long and exhausting. My dad’s T-shirt was soaking wet because he was very sweaty. It was disgusting. Luckily my dad will not be going with us on the big trip, so I would LOVE you guys to join us. We won’t be going on many sweaty hikes.