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Below is a list with frequently asked questions

Special questions for (upcoming) first year students

-Why should I become member of AKT? – AKT organises many fun, relaxing and also study related activities throughout the year. AKT is free of obligation, social, cosy and most of all tons of fun!

-How can I become member of AKT? – You can submit your membership using the website. You can find the application form under the header “forms”.

-Does AKT have a dejuvination (ontgroening, is niet echt een mooi woord voor)? – No! The introduction is fully committed to getting to know your fellow first year student, the city Utrecht and the University. AKT strives to create a friendly, social atmosphere.

General questions

-What is AKT? – AKT is the student association for the study Media and culture in Utrecht. More information on the history of AKT can be found here.

-What does a study association do? – A study association maintains the contact between university and studens, members and cultural institutions and most importantly a study association organises activities for its members.

-Do I have to pay for my membership each year? – No, you pay only once.

-Do I have any obligations when I am a member of AKT? – No, AKT does not know any kind of commitments. Partaking in activities is on voluntary basis. A lot is allowed and nothing obligated.

-How does the AKT book sale work? – Two times a year AKT organises an online book sale. These periods will be announced on the Facebook and website. The first period is during the summer break, members will be able to order books for the first and second term. The second period is during the second term, during which books for the third and fourth term can be ordered.

-How can I join a committee? – At the end of the first term, AKT organises one or more recruitment days for the committee’s. The available spots in the committee’s will be announced and members can enlist for a solicitation at any committee with free places.

-If I have any more questions, where should I go? – You can mail any questions to the board at bestuur@akt-online.nl or you can go see them at the AKT-office (…) between 11:00 and 15:00 on any working day.