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AKT-board 2024 – 2025


Jade Nijland

Hi there! My name is Jade and I am the chair of the 45th board of AKT. My job is to make sure that everything goes smoothly during activities and behind the scenes. This year I will be a second-year Media and Culture student and I will specialize in Film.
I love talking, a lot, so don’t hesitate to come and see me in the AKT living room or during AKTivities. I will always be down for a little chat or to destroy you with card games like Beverbende and Dobble. I also happen to love drawing, painting, dancing, and reading. I cannot wait to meet the new AKTers and I am 100% certain that this year will be an absolute blast! Hope to see you then dears!


Nienke Peeneman

Dear reader, my name is Nienke and I am this year’s treasurer. This means that I will keep a close eye on AKT’s finances so that we won’t go bankrupt. When I’m not busy with work or study I like to do all sorts of things. From trying to play the guitar (poorly), to bouldering, or going out with friends! And of course as a Media and culture student I am always ready to nerd out about some new movie or television series. Music can’t be missed from this list, I don’t go anywhere without my earphones and I am always trying to find my new favorite song of the week, just to then overplay it and never listen to the song again. I’m looking forward to this year and I hope to see you all in the AKT livingroom or at upcoming AKTivities. Yours faithfully.


Kim Huitink

Hai hai! I’m Kim, this years secretary! This means that I will be in control of the mail, so you can always send me something. My interests in media vary quite a lot, from musicals like Les Misérables to various anime and manga, movies and video games. So please come look for me in the living room to talk about your favourite things or to play some Mario kart or Wii party (don’t get mad when I win tho). I love ice skating, drawing, playing the piano and listening to music, thus I’m open to any of your music suggestions. I’m very excited about next year, and getting to know everyone during the living room hours and the AKTivities. If you ever need someone for a cinema trip, or if you just want to talk about your fixations, just come up to me, and I will be happy to be there! Joejoe!


Nikki Nederkoorn

Heyhey, my name is Nikki and this year I will take care of everything PR. I’ll be the person behind all the posts on Instagram and the messages in the WhatsAKT. Music is very important to me – I listen to it everyday and I constantly add new songs to my playlists. So if you want to obsess about music together, I’m here (and if you know Jessie Murph, you’ll instantly be my favorite person). Some of my favorite songs I can also play on the piano. In addition to music, I also love to watch movies and series (obviously). I can’t pick a favorite movie, but my top series include Mr. Robot, The Bear and Spinning Out. I’m very excited to take care of this association and also to give a warm welcome to the new members <3. I’d love to get to know you all better, so I hope to see you at one of the AKTivities or in the living room!


Ymke Leune
Commissioner of Education

Hi hi, I’m Ymke, the commissioner of education of the 45th AKT board. This year I will commit myself to all education and student-related issues within this amazing study association. So, don’t hesitate to contact me with questions and comments about these things! Anyone that knows me well will tell you I love to chat so you can also approach me about completely unrelated matter. I’ll talk for hours about Harry Potter, gossip and my favorite movies, shows and artists. For instance, singers I listen to often are Harry Styles and Renée Rapp. In my spare time play the trombone, I like to do boardgames with friends and I listen to true crime videos on YouTube. I’m looking forward to getting to know every AKTer better this year, so hopefully I see you soon in the living room! <3


Jurre Karstens
Commissioner of External Affairs

Hello, I’m Jurre and I will be this year’s commisioner of external affairs. This means that  I will be spending a lot of time to dedicating myself to talk with external parties and hope to get the best discounts for you guys! When I have a bit of time for myself I like to do some excercise, hangout with friends or play a fun computer game. My friends (and also AKT) bring out my extroverted side, that will help a lot during this year as commisioner of external affairs. I’m excited to do my best for you guys this year and hopefully we will see each other at one of our aktivities!