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Book sales

AKT understands that being a student can be hard for your savings account. Therefore, we organize a book sale for all AKT-members in collaboration with Bol.com. As a member you will profit from big discounts. In September, you can purchase all books for the first semester, and at the end of this semester, the books for the rest of the year are available.

In collaboration with your teachers and the bookstore we already picked the right books you need, so you don’t have to do that yourself. It is very easy to purchase and order your books in our online webshop. You can pay the books with iDEAL. Bol.com will the deliver your order as soon as possible.

AKT-members will get:

  • 5% discount on international books.*
  • A clear list of all the books you will need and which version exist.

The Discount is only for AKT-members. So you will recieve the discount code when you complete your regrestration. The discount will also be available on your Codex account on the page “coupons”.

Do you have any questions about the book sales? Send an email to bestuur@akt-online.nl!

By clicking on the links below you will find the page for the books that you need.

Books for first year courses.

Books for second and third year courses.

*The discount doesn’t work for every book yet. Our apologies for that! We hope we have solved this problem before the start of block 2! We will keep you updated.