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Alumni Committee

(Ssssssh… This committee is asleep this year. Hopefully it will wake up next year, filled with new AKT’ers!)
(AlumniCie 2019-2020)
Alumni Committee

Your time as a student is a wonderful period filled with freedom and new experiences. But what to do after graduation? Which choices do you have? What steps do you have to take? Where did the other M&C-students end up? We from the Alumni-committee will help you to explore the workfield. We do this by organising fun and interesting activities where old M&C-students share their insights and experiences. Contemporary students get in touch with these alumni and the alumni gets in contact with each other. Our committee also has a alumni-database, which makes maintaining contact with our alumni easier.

Our committee consists of:

Chairman Imke, she was in the committee last year so she is cut out to be our leader.

Secretary Sander, who makes sure that all our meetings get properly noted.

Treasurer Elise, who is responsible for budgeting for the activities.

Alumni-coordinator Berne, who will be responsible for maintaining our beloved alumni-database.

PR-Official Youri, who makes sure that all the AKT-members receive information regarding our activities.

Are you graduated but not yet in our alumni-database? You can sign up here! Visit our activities and get to know our wonderful alumni!