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Theatre Committee


Dear AKT-ers,


We are AKT On Stage and we are going to organize some nice dance and theatre AKTivities (yeeeyy). But first we will introduce ourselves.


Caroline is our president. She loves theatre and is very enthusiastic about the musical ‘Soldaat van Oranje’, she also played in a couple of theatre groups.

Kes is the secretary of AKT On Stage. Kes also likes acting and Greek tragedies and he is our most musical member, he plays in a band!

Bianca is our treasurer. She dances a lot and started dancing when she was very young. She likes musicals, especially ‘Mamma Mia’!

Birgit is responsible for the PR. She plays theatre and sometimes she even directs theatre. Last year she played at the theatre group DOX in Utrecht.

Kjeld is our ‘activity coordinator theatre’ and since this year he plays at the theatre group ‘De Gasten’  in Amsterdam. So, Kjeld plays theatre, but he also loves surfing! Last year he went to Australia to surf there (how cool?!).

We do also have an ‘activity coordinator dance’, Shanon fulfills this function! Shanon likes to dance, but she also likes to visit performances, for example, musical ‘The Lion King’. It is also worth to mention, that she is a very good photographer.


Our committee members have already done a few different kinds of performances and of course, not everything went well… During our first meeting, many embarrassing moments were shared. Caroline was not so good with wigs, they just didn’t stick. Kes en Birgit often fell on stage during their performances and the same happened to Bianca during her dance performances. Shanon just got her panty torn on stage. And Kjeld once managed to get a piece of cheese against his head during a performance.

We would like to have more embarrassing moments together with you at the ‘AKT open stage’!


Hopefully, we will see you soon at the AKTivities. We are definitely looking forward to it! We see you there!


AKT on Stage