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Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome, 

We are Rosalie (Chairwoman), Raf (Secretary), Milan (PR-Official) and Femke (Treasurer) and we are the members from AKT on Stage. AKT on Stage is all about what happens on stage. Like music, theatre, comedy, dance, magic and so much more. We’d love for you to join our aktivities and have a great time. We have the honor to organize the annual talent show in the AKT dies week. But that’s not all, keep an eye out for new AKTivities on the Instagram page.  


I am Rosalie the chairwoman of AKT on Stage and one of my biggest passions is music. I sing in a choir and play keys in a band. When I was younger the first song that I really liked was “High” by Lighthouse family. During our family vacations I would sit in the car even though we weren’t driving and already arrived at the location, so I could listen to the song. Then my parents decided to get me a mp3 player. This was the first song that I downloaded on my mp3 player, and I can still sing along with the whole song. It was the beginning of my own music taste.  


My name is Milan and I’m the PR-Official in Akt On Stage! With my father being a musician and my mother being an avid theatre lover, I grew up learning that there are few things as magical as live performances. Some performances feel even more moving than others. For example, my first time listening to live music after the lockdown is an experience I will never forget. My favorite live performance of all time, however, was back in 2018. Jett rebel performed an amazing show with his band in the concert hall in Amsterdam. Aretha Franklin had just passed, and Jett Rebel played an outstanding and heartwarming tribute, using the concert organ, which I remember most vividly. The performance as a whole was something unlike, I’ve ever experienced before. 


Hey, my name is Raf and I am very happy to be this year’s secretary for AKT On Stage! As fitted for a true Media and Culture student I have had my own share of great experiences with the stage. One that really stuck with me was visiting the stage-adaption of Een Klein Leven (A Little Life), performed by Toneelgroep Amsterdam. I bawled my eyes out for the full four hours that the play lasted. If we’re talking about catharsis, then this was it for sure. I felt completely purified and purged of all emotions and it was an event I am not likely to forget anytime soon. Hopefully we can create some unforgettable events for AKT this year, with a little less catharsis and a little more fun! See you soon!


I’m Femke, or Fem, and I’m the Treasurer for AKT On Stage. I started loving theatre, dance and music at a young age, which was mostly fueled by my love for K3 and their musicals. Ever since I can remember, I was using the living room in my house as my own stage, singing and dancing to whatever music I was into at the time. I’ve been part of a few amateur productions, some of them of higher quality than others, but the most impactful experience I’ve had on a stage was being part of a production of A Chorus Line with musical group Djemm! in Waalwijk. It’s a great show with beautiful music and a lot of dances, and our director/choreographer did an amazing job with it. I will never forget the thrill of the curtain going up on opening night and being on a stage in front of an audience for the first time in over two years, because of COVID. It was a truly amazing experience!