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Our lovely study society was founded on 9 May 1980. That’s right, this year we will already be turning 37! Time flies when you’re having fun. While some people think the only thing we do is drinking beer, we actually do a lot more than that, and it has been a long road that brought us to this point. Below you can find information about the history of AKT.

‘I’ve always been someone to try new things, and luckily for me, more people were that way in my cohort, resulting in the establishment of AKT. I’ve no idea really, how we managed to.’ – Jan van der Putten.

‘AKT was founded after some drinks in the pub. As Theatre students we found there was not enough opportunity for relaxation. It was mandatory to see theatre performances twice a week, and afterwards we would settle down with a beer in café ‘t Lieverdje. We wanted to get more involved with theatre and that was what we talked about. There was nothing like a theatrical club and there were no parties, while there was a very good location for this: Drift 21. This was the old ballroom of Louis Napoleon. I could picture myself, partying between the pillars.’ – Dik Barentsen.

‘The name AKT is, by the way, based on the words activity, act and actor. Back in the seventies you wrote those words with a K, and AKT looked cool.’ – Dik Barentsen.

The quotes from above are taken from interviews with Menno Netten, Harm Lambers, Jan van der Putten and Dik Barentsen, some of whom are founders of AKT. The interviews were held because of our 25th anniversary. If you are interested in reading more, you can come to our office and read them in the 2004-2005 AlmanAKT/yearbook.