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General Information

AKT is the student association of Media and culture in Utrecht. Every student of Media and culture can become a member, and here are some reasons why you definitely should! You will get a decent amount of discount on jolly activities or study related companies and organisations. Once you become a member, you will also be able to buy your study books with a fair discount. To a student with little money, this must be sounding very interesting, but most of all, it’s about ‘gezelligheid’. Your years as a Media and culture student will be a lot more fun and interesting when you’re an AKT-member. Almost every week there is at least one awesome AKTivity, organised by one of our committees. And all of this is completely non-committal.  We make a connection between theories that you discuss during your education and the booming culture industry of the Netherlands. Furthermore, AKT is a very nice addition to your life as a student: you will very easily meet new spontaneous people with similar interests at our parties, AKTivities and monthly drinks. Everybody is welcome and everybody is your friend at AKT, no matter your personality or weird hobbies. You’ll make friends for life. Your time at AKT will never be forgotten.