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Steven is our PR-Official born and raised in the middle of nowhere called Twente but a true Utrechter at heart. He enjoys the fact that it will only take him 5 minutes to get from his bed to his college but he would like to finally try the University coffee. The Stranger Things character he thinks he resembles the most is Hopper. Just like Hopper, he is often sarcastic, has a great predilection for 70s music and would be just as overprotective of his daughter if he had one. But deep inside he is just a big softy.

Nina is our dancing queen from the place to be a.k.a. Alkmaar. Although she hasn’t seen the University yet, she is enjoying the first year of the international track a lot. She has a diploma for skiing, but she never ends a day on the slopes without falling face first into the snow. She identifies the most with Mike’s father, because neither of them ever have any clue as to what is happening. Despite that, this multi-talent will be taking on the task of treasurer and activity coordinator. 

Susan is currently in her second year of MeC and is rocking the New Media course. If you need to know anything about dreams or Asian series, she is your woman. This watermelon wine loving girl from Assen will be our Chairman this year and just like she can control her dreams she’ll keep great control over this committee. If she were to be a Stranger Things character it would be Alexei. Just because she loves cherry milkshakes and cartoons and would be really happy if she would win a giant teddy bear at the fair.

Jesse is our secretary this year. Just like Susan he is in his second year following the New Media course. When he was younger he wanted to be a wizard. When he found out that was impossible, he was quite disappointed and a bit sad. Instead of learning spells, he spends his time swimming and reading fantasy books. He identifies the most with Mike because he quickly became friends with Eleven and Jesse is also open for new friendships!