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Introduction of the Introcie!

Zoë is very clumsy, but we are used to it (according to Marvin). From spilling tea over her new shirt, to wearing her shirt inside out the whole day! She is wonderful in leading the Introcie as our chairman though! Her favorite song is ‘’9 to 5’’ from Dolly Parton for a good reason. And… did you know, one wing of a wandering albatross is just as big, or should we say just as small, as Zoë?

Jesse totally missed his calling according to his dad, he should have been a comic book illustrator! We are really glad that didn’t, because as the treasurer, Jesse is very important in the Introcie. Jesse is a really big ‘Friends’ fan and he kind of is a twin of Ross. In his last dream, he sat, just as in our picture, in a cinema, except that in Jesse’s cinema, everything was for free!

Marvin is our secretary from the picturesque Berg aan de Maas. Do you have a question, a fun idea,  fun fact or do you want to chat with a Dutch ‘zachte G’? Marvin is, as he would say himself, ‘’your guy’’! Except for the time that a homeless man said to him: ‘’get home safely’’ and Marvin said: ‘’yeah you too’’. If Marvin were a holiday he would be the 15th of February, because all the chocolate is discounted. That means that Marvin is still available for Valentine’s day people!

Floor is our PR-Official, she is from the ‘Achterhoek’, and she pronounces coke as: cOOOOOlaaaa! She is also born in the wrong century. Youtube and Spotify do not exist for her, as she replaced them with scrapbooks and ABBA vinyls. If Floor were a holiday, she would want to be all of them, because she likes a good party. Just like Zoë, she likes to swing on the hits of Dolly Parton.

Susan is your girl if you have a nightmare, because she can control her dreams! If there is a big monster in your nightmare, Susan can make it into a jar full of candy, isn’t that great? She uses this creativity not only in her dreams, but also in her function as activity coordinator in our introduction committee! Just like Marvin, Susan likes chocolate a lot. But for her, her favorite holiday is the 28th of December, because that is national chocolate day! But a Dutch ‘kroket’ from Falafel City is not a problem for Susan either!