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Hi everyone! My name is Mieke and I’ll be the chairwoman for IntroCie this year. I’m a first year student in the Dutch track of Media and Culture, born and raised in lovely Heemskerk (North-Holland, close to the sea) and currently living in Zeist. Next to all the studying, I work as a supervisor at a store to pay the bills, but luckily I still have time left to practise my hobbies. I enjoy most things creative: writing, video editing, filling up my bullet journal, you name it. My favourite colour is green, which you can clearly see in how I’ve been filling up my bullet journal (oops). A fun fact about me is that over the past year, I’ve been publishing stories online, which have been read nearly a quarter of a million times in total now. It’s a bit of a secret hobby of mine though 😉  I’m looking forward to organising the introduction days with our lovely committee, I’m sure we’ll be able to give everyone the warmest welcome possible to our study! 


Hi y’all
My name is Jelle, I am 24 years old and will this year be the secretary and treasurer of Introcie.
I have several passions and hobbies. I really like gaming and sports, in my spare time I play football and tennis.
This is also the reason I will be this years chairman of AKTie. Another thing I really like to do is partying, I make every party count.
This is exactly why I did join Introcie, I want the introweek to be a party for the new MeC students.
Last year I had, despite Covid, a really fun introweek and met a lot of new people. This year I want to fill the shoes of my predecessors and offer the fun experience to all new students.



Hi AKT’ers!

My name is Charlotte, I am a second years Media and Culture student (Dutch track) currently following the film course. I am Introcie’s PR official!

Here’s just a few things you should know about me: I love being creative – arts and crafts, painting, baking, making music and planning parties! My favourite colour is lilac and I’m a cat person through and through, I will always stop in the middle of the street to pet one! I also love my friends and hanging out with them, especially going on grachtenwandelingen with them.

As someone who has lived in a town next to Utrecht (Houten) all my life and now lives in the city itself –  I absolutely love it here. I can’t wait to share my passion for this city with all the newest students by introducing them to the beauty of the Domstad, its stunning buildings and lovely people.  I look forward to getting them as enthusiastic about this city and the university as I am myself!

(Fun fact: Our treasurer/secretary Jelle and I are from the same town and even went to the same high school!)