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First up we have Louana Bellettini (19), this year’s chair. As the former designer of PLAKT and last year’s co-editor, she now feels completely at home within this committee. She is always up for a coffee-to-go and late night walks with her friends (or morning walks, depending on whether corona allows the borrels to continue). Having lived in this beautiful city for 15 years, she considers herself as a true utrechter. So if you have any questions about our beautiful stadsie, about PLAKT in general, or anything else, feel free to ask her!

Next up we have our PR official, Jesse Hek (22). Even though he’s always down for a drink, be it coffee or beer, he can also often be found snuggled up in a comfy chair with a fantasy book like The Wheel of Time. When not reading or drinking, he enjoys going for a swim at a swimming pool here in Utrecht. If you want to talk about fantasy (books, movies, tv shows) or are down for a drink in general, he’ll gladly accompany you!

Then we have Gwen (19), our secretary. She loves sitting at home playing a game with friends online or reading a book in the company of a hot drink. Even though she is very homely, she also likes going out for drinks or going to the movies with her friends in real life. If you’re ever up for a chat about games, books, movies or anything else, feel free to ask! She’ll hardly ever turn down the opportunity for a hot coffee and a nice chat 🙂

Lastly we’d like to introduce this year’s designer, Evi Verleije (22). When she was younger, she used to make her own magazines and she would call it the FOGUE after the deodorant brand. She remembers feeling quite smart, changing the name from V to an F, but she only later realized there was also a magazine called VOGUE… This however did not stop her from fulfilling her 13 going on 30 dream of being a designer at a very cool magazine. If you love books or anything Gilmore Girls related, you’re always free to hit her up 🙂