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We are the Feestcie (PartyCo)! Thomas, Timo, Tijn, Kaat and Saf. Thomas is our chairman and he’s nearly twenty-three years old. Because of this, he feels a little old, and by the way, he’s a fan of beef shanghai. Timo is our PR-Official/Chairman because Timo and Thomas are symbiotic. Tijn is treasurer but he didn’t study economics in high school. Kaat is our activity coordinator and she loves alcohol. Saf is secretary and she’s a fan of chicken. We from the Feestcie stand for the best parties, drinks with the girls and gezelligheid (sorry I really can’t translate this, learn some culture foreigners!). We also like to watch some Netflix every now and then. We are all very active but we also know when to take some time to ourselves. We always clean up but we also like to party! When there is another room available for rent, please don’t hesitate to let us know!!