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AKT on Stage


Hi dear AKTers, we are AKT on Stage! We won the committee battle this year, so we can officially call ourselves the best committee!😏🏆Akt on Stage consists of Noa (Chairwoman), Lisa (Secretary), Roos (Treasurer) and last but not least, Nikki (PR). This year we will organize all kinds of activities that are stage related, like a karaoke night and an open stage.🎭 On our Instagram page we will promote our own activities, but we will also share tips around stage related activities, so keep an eye on that! We can’t wait to see all you talented people at our activities. On the website you can read our personal introductions:, or you can check out our instagram page: @aktonstage !🫶
Noa (chair):
Hi, I’m Noa Reekers and I am the chair of Akt on Stage 2023-2024. I’m in my second year of Media and Culture and I follow the specialization Television Sciences. I wanted to be in Akt on Stage because I love being on and watching the stage.
I have been performing since I was three years old. I did singing and dancing when I was little. I have performed in musicals for ten years since I was 7. After that I did streetdance. Since my 18th year I joined a signing group at the Babette Labeij Music Academy in Amsterdam where we got to perform in “Het Koninklijke Concertgebouw.” I also love going to musicals. The best musical I have seen was the Lion King.
Lisa (secretary):
I’m Lisa Kaiser and I will be the secretary of this years AKT on stage! I am currently specializing in television in my second year, but I hope to start some theatre courses in the second semester.
I’ve been in love with the stage for as long as I can remember. I’ve been on a dance team, acted on stage, but my main focus has always been playing the violin. My mom introduced me to the violin when she gave me music lessons as a toddler. A few years later, one of my favorite things to do was to play Disney songs with her. Apart from playing with my family, my favorite onstage memory is going on concerttour to Kopenhagen with a student symphony orchestra.
Roos (treasurer):
Hiya! I’m Roos and I’m a fourth year specialising in film studies and this year’s treasurer of AKT on stage. Ever since I was a kid I loved performing and forced my parents to watch my friends and I perform weird plays and bad songs on guitar. My dad even build a small stage in my bedroom! I also had theatre, dance and violin classes as a kid, which made me get the unrealistic dream of becoming a performer myself.
I have a lot of favourite memories of performances, but the most recent one was last semester when I studied abroad in England and got to be in the ensemble of Pippin. I then realised I can do a pretty good imitation of a chicken.
Nikki (PR):
Hi!! I’m Nikki Craenmehr and I will be the PR official of this years AKT on stage! I’m currently in my second year of Media and Culture and am specializing in Television Sciences. When I was three years old, I was first introduced to performing while I was taking dancing lessons and I’ve been obsessed with everything stage-related ever since! I learned how to play multiple instruments, took musical lessons and loved to sing from a young age. Music was always encouraged in our household, so I have always practiced and performed music! In high school I regularly performed with one of my best friends, singing and playing the piano or ukulele. These are memories I will love and cherish forever!