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Deals voor AKT’ers

Café De Stadsgenoot



De Stadsgenoot is the bar where AKT’s monthly borrels take place. It is a nice bar in the centre of Utrecht. As an AKT member, you always get a discount on beer, wine, and soda. 

25cl beer for €3,20

House wine for €4,-

Soda for €2,70

And on top of that, you can bring your own food to De Stadsgenoot! So if you want to go out for diner, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you can buy some food, or bring your leftovers to De Stadsgenoot!


Luca IJssalon





Close to the AKT living room is this amazing ice cream shop called LUCA Ijssalon. Swing by to get some delicious ice cream! 

If you say you are an AKT member, you get the following discount:

€1,60 for one scoop

€3,- for two scoops

€4,- for three scoops







If you like pizza, we have another great deal for you! With AKT’s code you get a discount at Domino’s pizza’s! You can order pizza’s whenever you want! You’ll get 10% discount on one pizza, 20% on two, and 30% on three. You can find the AKT domino’s code in the AKT living room 🙂


Poolcafé Hart van Utrecht





This november, we organized a pool aktivity at Poolcafé Utrecht. But you can also get a discount yourself. If you mention you’re from AKT in your reservation, you can pool for 2 hours with unlimited drinks (beer, wine and soda) for €19,- or €28,50 for 3 hours. Make sure to say you’re from AKT when you arrive at the poolcafé aswell! This discount only works on sunday until thursday. You have to start before 19:00 and you have to be with at least 6 people.



If you are considering joining one of our committees this year, YourStyle has a good deal! You can order a shirt of your choice and get a 10% discount! You can also use AKT’s code to get the discount on the webshop. Contact us for the code!



GYS is a fully vegan and organic restaurant in Utrecht. During the whole day you can get a 20% discount on everything if everyone at the table is a member of AKT. One of their locations is on de voorstraat so you can have lunch or diner between or after your lectures!


030 Fietsen

In the big city, you may have a problem with your bike: it gets stolen, or you have a flat tire… But luckily we have a deal with 030 fietsen! You get a 10% discount on bikes and repairs if you show them your AKT membership card.



At some moment during your first year, you’ll need to order books (yeah, we know, it’s sad). Fortunately, we made sure you’ll be able to get a nice discount on this order. WO4YOU is going to make sure you will not regret ordering your study books – because, they can still be fun, especially if you do not have to pay the full price 😉



We have amazing news for you! Hermance, the go-to vintage website for students, is collaborating with AKT to offer you an exclusive discount. For AKT members there is a discount code for 15% off all items on the website available. Whether you are in search for unique clothing items, trendy accessories or vintage must-haves, Hermance offers all. For the discount code contact the AKT board (through DM, or text). Use this code when checking out and enjoy this special discount, which you can use as often as you want. We hope you are just as enthusiastic as we are about this collaboration!!