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Hi everyone! We, Nienke (Chairwoman), Kim (secretary), Pascal (Treasurer) and Sarah (PR-Official), are this year’s camp committee, Kampcie (the best committee out there)! We will be the ones organizing the Introduction Camp for all the new first years, to start off your new journey at UU’s Media and Culture. In addition, we’ll also be organizing this year’s Summer Camp for every AKT member that would like to end their academic year with a bang! We hope to create two amazing camps for you, where you van make memories with your (new) friends that will last you a lifetime. We hope to see you there!

Hi, I’m Nienke,  I’m 18 years old and a second year Media & Culture student. I love listening to music and going to concerts and I also like to play the guitar (badly). Being part of Kampcie last year was so much fun that I decided to do it again, this time as Chair instead of Secretary (please never let me be the secretary of anything ever again). I’m very excited to organize not only the introduction camp this year, but also the summer camp. I hope to see you there!

Hi hi, I’m Kim, the Secretary of this years Kampcie! I’m 18 years old and currently a first year. Right now I live in Apeldoorn with my parents, and despite the fact that we have a monkey park, I’d rather move to Utrecht as soon as possible. Some things I enjoy are playing the piano, ice skating, drawing and listening to music. I hope that together with this committee we can organise a fun camp for you to enjoy!

Hey hey, I am Pascal, the treasurer of Kampcie. I’m in my first year and currently 18 years old. I live in the beautiful city of Oss, which is best known for its history of ‘messentrekkers’ (knife-stabbers). It’s quite a long travel distance, but i do love romanticizing my life with music on while on the train or walking through Utrecht, so it’s not too bad. I enjoy playing video games and I’m especially fanatical when it comes to Mario Kart or Mario Party. I’m convinced we’ll organise two great camps this year, where I hope to see you 🙂 houdoe <3

Haii, I’m Sarah, I’m 21 years old and the PR-official of this year’s Kampcie! After realizing that I don’t really have a future with studying Koreastudies in Leiden, I decided to change it up and now I’m a first year Media and Culture student (with probably still no future). I love many media like movies, theater, ballet performances, anything with music and so on. I get myself through the student life like Master Oogway: quit, don’t quit, noodle. We’ll be organizing two great camps this year and we hope to see you having an amazing time there!