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We are Jurre (chair), Nienke (treasurer), Alex (secretary), Cindy (pr) and Marit (location coordinator) and together we are Feessie, AKT’s party committee!! This year we will organize some fun parties and party related AKTivities for you 🙂 From more lowkey AKTivities in bars to some huge parties with maybe some other committees or associations 👀. We all have a lot of different experiences with parties, as you can read below, so together we believe that from these experiences we can come up with the best party experiences for you. Our first AKTivity will be in January so we hope to see you there!!


Hi, I’m Jurre and I am this year’s Chair of Feessie! I would consider myself as a party animal, no week is complete without having a party in my opinion. One of the best party’s I have ever had was a party on a boat. We weren’t with a very large group but it was amazing, first we had a meal in the harbor and later on we went onto the lake and watched the sunset. After that we went back to the harbor and some more friends joined us, that was when it really became a party! If you like party’s then I would certainly recommend you to sign up for our activities this year!

Moi, I’m Nienke and I am the Treasurer of Feessie this year. When I’m going out I have the habit of spending a little too much money, so hopefully I will manage the Feessie finances better than my own. Remarkable things that happened at parties I’ve been to include pole dancers on stage, burning chairs and kissing the floor at TKB in Nijmegen. I will leave out details about the vomit that was sometimes present these nights. I’m very excited to organize some great parties with Feessie this year, and I hope to see you there!

Hi! I’m Alex, and I’m the Secretary of Feessie. Just like in Feessie, I’m also the secretary of the board, so you can pretty much always find me at any AKTivity. I must confess that before I joined the board I wasn’t much of a party animal, so I honestly don’t really have any interesting stories to tell yet, but I’m sure that with Feessie we’ll organize some parties that no one will ever forget.

I’m Cindy and I’m the PR of Feessie, meaning i will make the promotion for the amazing party related AKTivities we’ll organize this year 🙂 I love to go to all kind of parties, from small get togethers with a small group of friends to a grim techno party. I would love to say that I am mostly going to cool exclusive raves, but to be honest you can find me most of the time in Poema on a monday or requesting ABBA at an IBB house party!

Hey! I’m Marit and I am the Location Coordinator of Feessie this year! Maybe not a well known function but nevertheless very important, of course. My task is to make sure that we end up partying at an amazing location and that everything is, you guessed it, well coordinated. Like many AKT-ers, I’ve found my way to Poema on a monday once or twice… So rest assured, I clearly know what a great location looks like! See you at one of our AKTivities <3