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You can meet and get to know these fellow students at AKT, the study association for Media and Culture. As a member of AKT, you can also get a discount on the books that you’ll need for all your courses, visits to movie theatres or performances, not irrelevant either, AKT organises all kinds of fun AKTivities throughout the year, to make sure that you will not get bored and that the coming years, your student years, will be the best of your life. These AKTivities are organised by our committies, and they vary from international trips as well as trips to places in the Netherlands to film screenings, visits to television shows, theatre and dance performances and of course the occasional party (please note that we are always very happy to have you at these AKTivities, but you are not obligated to join). In short: reason enough to become a member!

You can register here for a membership at study association AKT.

Inschrijfformulier AKT ENG (2018-2019)
An AKT-membership costs 45 euros, one time only. After paying you can't get a refund.
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A membership costs 45 euros, one time only. After paying, your membership will last for as long as you like. As an AKT member, you are entitled to receive discounts to all AKTivities and the AKT book sale. From the moment we receive your payment, you will be entitled to receive these discounts. During the introduction period at the beginning of the academic year you will receive your AKT membership card. Please note: you will only be entitled to these discounts at display of this membership card. Should you choose to only sign up for AKT’s introduction camp, and not a membership, you cannot profit from any AKT related discounts.
By signing this agreement, I give AKT permission to use my personal information for the general member administration, the membership card, the yearbook and to get into contact with me. AKT always treats these personal data in a careful and professional manner, and always within the boundaries of the General Data Protection Regulation. Please consult our privacy statement for further information.
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 Privacy statement