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Confidential Contact Person

To provide students with a safe and secure environment, a confidential contact person has been appointed at AKT. This person is available to students who need someone to talk to, whether it is personal problems, stress or other concerns.* The confidential contact person listens without judgement and offers emotional support, with the ability to redirect students to relevant resources if needed. The confidential contact person helps foster student well-being and contributes to a positive study experience, where students are aware that there is always someone they can rely on.

*The confidential contact person is also someone to whom members and non-members of AKT can report various unwanted behaviours related to the association. The confidential contact person then provides the reporter with appropriate help, as found in AKT’s code of conduct.

Ilse van der Veen

I am Ilse van der Veen and I am 25 years old, last year I finished my bachelor Media and Culture with Television and Media Culture as specialization. I am now working on my master’s degree in ‘Communicatie, Beleid en Management’.

The beginning of your student life is an exciting time when a lot of things change in your life and you meet a lot of new people. During this time, all kinds of questions or obstacles might come your way. I want to be there for you by offering a listening ear to problems or if you just need someone to talk to. These may be practical or personal problems. This can be about finding your place in Utrecht, stress about writing a paper, questions about gender or sexuality and much more. You can talk to me about anything! If you are looking for more than a listening ear, then together we will look at the possibilities to solve your problem. You can fully determine what we discuss and how the conversation proceeds. Just let me know what you are looking for at that moment.

Contact details

You can reach out to the confidential contact person at confidentialcontactperson@akt-online.nl


We are also looking for a second confidential contact person. Do you enjoy listening to others, can you remain neutral and put people at ease? Then we are looking for you! It doesn’t matter whether you are active at AKT or have already (almost) finished studying, as long as you are a member at AKT. Fill in the form here and maybe you will soon be in a position to offer a listening ear to members.