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Sports, game and summer camp committee


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls,

With pride we present to you, the AKTie committee of 2018/2019!

Put those books away, press pause on Netflix, get your lazy ass of that couch and join AKTie on an adventure!

As a committee we are looking forward to organise fun, active and entertaining activities for the upcoming blocks.

To give you a bit of a preview of our creativeness, we are going to introduce our committee members by answering the following question: If you could choose an animal, which one would you want to be?

Lisa: Chairman

If I could choose an animal, which one would I want to be? I would definitely go for the pigeon! I am, just like Ilsa, extremely afraid of pigeons, which makes it an even more obvious reason to be one. Why are these animals so extremely scary? You’re just casually riding your bike and somewhere in the distance you spot some pigeons in the middle of your path, that is the moment when you realize that your peaceful trip is over. Are these pigeons moving aside or are they staying in the middle of the road and do I have to go around them? If they’re flying, which way, because they are always waiting for the last moment. They are really TOO unpredictable. On the other side, when you’re a pigeon yourself, you do have advantages: flying all over the city, free food that you can just grab from the floor and you don’t even have to use the bathroom because you can just drop it everywhere. Could it be even better? Well, maybe if I would be a pigeon, I would have to take some flying lessons because I don’t want to end up cracking the first window I see, neither do I want to be exhausted after flying just 200 metres, and I also don’t want to take off to late, otherwise Ilsa would hit me with her bike of course.

Desi: Treasurer

Despite the fact that i really appreciate the human-being, I would maybe prefer to be a Brachiosaurus. You know, the dinosaur with the extreeemely long neck. Plus, this one is also a vegetarian. Another nice characteristic of this dinosaur is that it is as big as a skyscraper! I think it would be really cool to see the world from a perspective above 1.65 meters. Also, you never have to be afraid of Ilsa or Lisa who all of a sudden will run over you with their bikes… besides the fact that the Brachiosaurus is the biggest land animal on the planet ever, will transforming into this animal even be more interesting because of time traveling! Dinosaurs were living millions of years ago. Were dinosaurs really looking like the representations we know from films and series? Maybe they were even cooler than we think 😎

In short, a strategic choice, the Brachiosaurus.

Sophie: activity coordinator

Ok, so if I could choose an animal that I could be… I think I would go for a butterfly. Firstly, because I actually wanted to pick a bird but Lisa already chose that one. Secondly, because I think I can come up with quite some reasons to be one. Flying would be just really awesome. With my beautiful little wings, I would fly away from all my deadlines and other misery. Bye UU. Butterflies are also just really beautiful animals with their bright colors and intriguing patterns. Have you ever heard anyone say that a butterfly is ugly? Exactly. Ok, except moths, those are a bit hideous. But you get what I mean. Oh, and another advantage is: you can enjoy nectar all day long. Who doesn’t love snacking?

Muron: activity coordinator

If I could be an animal I would 100% be a little goat. Not just a goat but a little goat, a little innocent goat with little unstable legs excited about life. It would be amazing to jump through the grass all day long and to sometimes sleep a little. Goats are always looking extremely cute without any effort. Also, people just bring you food and you don’t even have to ask for it. as a goat you don’t have any obligations, the only thing you have to do is say ‘beeh’ once in a while. Maybe not the best mind set for an activity coordinator, but to be honest, hoe doesn’t want to be a little goat?

Stuart: secretary

Look who we have here! It’s the secretary! Hiiiiii, I’m Stuart and I would want to be a sloth. Or a koala. Ok, first about the sloth. So look, a sloth is a grey, sometimes a bit scary and friends with Freek Vonk. I am not any of those. Buuuuut, I am very soft, fun and cuddly. Just like a…(dramatic pause for a tension build-up)…koala! Those dudes are so cool because all they want is sleep and eat, a match made in heaven for me. But what would I do if I would be a koala? Well, I would stuff myself with food and would sleep a looooot afterward. Oh wait, I’m already doing that. Hmm, how would koala’s react to alcohol?

Fleur: PR-Commissary

To discover what kind of animal I could possibly be, I did a BuzzFeed quiz. Eventually, after a lot of random questions like what my favorite pizza was, my answers resulted in the most amazing animal ever, THE QUOKKA. If you don’t have any idea what kind of animal this is, please google it, believe me, you are not going to regret this. I definitely would want to be a quokka because instead of having a resting bitch face this animal has a resting smile face which makes him incredibly cute. Besides, this animal lives in Australia together with lots of other awesome animals like kangaroos and koalas which could become my best friends