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Meet AKTie. AKTie is the sports and games committee of AKT. This year we are with 5 members. And of course we know for a fact that AKTie is the best committee of AKT. AKTie organizes sport and game AKTivities throughout the year and we are responsible to give you the best summer camp you can have, and we will!! You may already know us from the werewolves game we played in the second period. More is coming soon so keep your eyes on the socials! Now enough about the committee itself, let’s meet the members, they will introduce themselves with the biggest sports blunders they ever made. 

Helloo! I am Fons, current Chair of AKTie. I am a proud scout! But maybe I should not be so proud because me and my group have made enough blunders in our time. One camp we got a route to a curtain location where we would spend the night and my team was the first to leave on bike. My team leader was convinced we needed to go to Zevenaar, and when we got to the first clue, we indeed saw we needed to go in that direction. So we started biking in that direction, after an hour or so we got a call from the group leaders, “where the hell are you guys?”. It turns out we went the opposite direction, so we had to turn around, spending two hours getting to the first stop, where we couldn’t continue because the forest was closed, meaning we couldn’t make the other planned stops and lost all the points we could have gotten.

Hi, I’m Timon, I’m 21 years old and the Treasurer of AKTie. In my free time I love to play board games with friends. Every Sunday evening, we get together and play some of these board games. Some examples of games that I love to play are Risk, Ticket to ride and Colonists of Catan. I also like some more active games, aka sports. When playing sports I don’t really care what the sport is, as long as it is not too difficult to understand. That I like sports doesn’t mean that I’m very good at it, because a lot of times things go wrong. Like the time I got kicked in the face when playing football and my tooth was completely through my lip. Also one time I went ice skating with my friends and when I didn’t pay attention I bumped into a little kid. The kid fell over and went crying to his mother, then she was very angry at me. So my advice to everyone is to not bump into kids when their parents are watching. lol.

Hiii, I’m Alex. I’m the Secretary of AKTie. I love doing sports, but my favorite sports are figure skating (shocker, I know), Formula 1, and MotoGP. I rarely play games, but I do really like Thirty Seconds and Uno. My biggest blunder in sports happened when I was skiing. I love going fast on skis, to the point where my mom, who used to be a ski instructor, couldn’t keep up (don’t worry, I always made sure to not get in the way of others). However, one time I fell and slid right into the netting around the slope, and I got stuck, luckily I wasn’t hurt or anything. But I was so far ahead of my mother that she didn’t see that happen. So she skied past me, not hearing me cry out for help. When my mom didn’t see me at the end of the slope she started asking others if they had seen me somewhere, unfortunately, no one had. I eventually got out, I don’t really remember how, but I definitely learned a lesson that day, haha.

Hi there, I’m Myrthe. I’m the PR-Official. My job is to handle social media and design instagram-posts. So if you are ever like: “Wow, this image looks so great, you can barely see where you pasted stuff from other images!” Now you know who to compliment 😀 Sometimes I think I shouldn’t have joined AKTie. Not because I don’t like the AKTivities or the rest of the committee, both of those are a lot of fun! No, it’s because I’m really clumsy, and not just the “sometimes I bump my toe” kind of clumsy. One time, when I was around 10 or 11, I was reading a book. But I didn’t read it on the couch or in the tram. No, I was reading while walking to school. With my book in front of my face, I ran very hard into a lamppost. I had a bump on my head for 3 weeks. And this was neither the first, not the last time I walked face-first into something. So, some advice for all of you, try to watch where you are walking…

Hi all! My name is Fleur, and I am the Activity Coordinator this year. I will make sure (together with my lovely committee members) that every AKTivity this year runs smoothly! I am a sport freak, and my favorite sport is hockey. I did it for 14 (!) years, until I moved to Utrecht. I love to watch it as well; I can get so fanatical! My biggest blunder during hockey is that I wanted to score once, and I was in front of an open goal. But then I hit next to the ball ;( so the chance was gone. I think that’s why I was put as a defender from then, haha. My favorite game is cards. I have this set of cards with movie icons on it, and I absolutely love it (shout out to Roos Thomassen).