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Sport- en spelcommissie

Greeting Akter! We are Myrthe (PR), Ole (Treasurer), Joshua (Secretary), and Chaeyoung (Chairwoman)(from left to right), the new AKTie committee for this year! We are the most AKTive committee of AKT🏋️‍♀️🏀⚽️ Since we are the most AkTive committee, we will organize sports and games related AKTivities with a theme of media and culture 🎬🍿. We will Recently, we successfully organized bingo night with film, television shows theme. We are going to organize more fun and active Aktivities so stay tuned with us. If you want to catch up AKTie events, you can sneak on our instagram account @aktie.akt 

We hope to see lovely Akters on AKTie Aktivities!

Love, AKTie members.


Hey! I’m Chaeyoung, and I’m in my fourth year of Media and Culture international track and I specialized in screen culture. I’m a chairwoman at AKTie this year, so my job is organizing meetings and leading our lovely committee members. I am a sporty person, so you can easily find me in the gym doing yoga or lifting weights, but not running. I also go swimming sometimes (fun fact: I learned swimming last summer since I forgot how to swim since when I was 10) and sometimes join group lessons such as kickboxing or pilates. This summer, I learned tennis and I enjoyed it a lot. After I came back to Utrecht, I joined tennis training at Olympos in Uithof, and I completely failed playing a rally with my tennis partner. The only thing I did was just pick up tennis balls since I couldn’t pass the balls he passed to me. I felt so bad. After a few challenging trials, I gave up, so my relationship with tennis is not that friendly anymore. I am keeping a distance from playing tennis (I need to recover my tennis confidence) and hopefully will be back with better skills next year!

Hi there, I’m Myrthe, I’m twenty years old (I will be 21 by Christmas) and I’m in the second year of the Dutch track with the specialization of new media. I’m the PR-Official, so my job is to handle the social media and design instagram-posts. So, I’m part of AKTie, the sports and games committee. I like almost every sport and game, but there is one sport I really don’t like, at least not to play. I really don’t like playing soccer. This is all because of 7th and 8th grade of primary school. My teacher, who was amazing, was also a soccer coach. Four times a week we would go to the soccer cage during the break and play soccer. I was really quite bad at it, but most of the other kids in my class were really good, so I really didn’t look forward to the breaks. I also got a couple of soccer balls right in my face or belly, which made me hate playing the sport even more. So, when you meet me, don’t invite me to play a game of soccer, cause I won’t.

Hello there. I am Joshua. I’m 19 years old and I’m in my first year of Media and Culture. I am the Secretary of this committee. I really like all games and sports. I often play all kinds of games with my friends. I’ve played several sports as a kid such as ice skating, athletics, and badminton. I actually  like all sports except for ice-hockey because I am a big fan of regular skating and never liked the skates that you have to wear with ice-hockey. 

​​Hi I’m Ole. I’m in my first year of Media and Culture. In my spare time I like to do sports with my friends, especially mountain biking in the hills of the sunny south of Limburg with my buddies (and to catch our breath with some beers and bitterballen afterwards of course). If there is one sport that I despise, it has to be curling. I mean, it’s literally sliding a big iron on ice with a broom. I will be the treasurer of the AKTIE-committee, even though I’m not the best with money. I am looking forward to seeing everybody during the aktivities!